mattress care tips

A well cared for mattress will provide you a great night’s sleep for a long time to come. We stock great quality mattresses, but with a little extra tender love and care they can last for even longer.

We’ve written 5 tips to help you care for your mattress.

Cover It Up

Using a mattress cover to protect the surface of the mattress can prevent unsightly stains and can protect your mattress if anything gets spilt on it. Machine washable covers are easy to remove, and quick to clean, and you can now buy some covers that prevent dust mites.

Defeat the Dust

Dust is a real problem when it comes to mattresses. A single gram of dust contains between 100-500 dust mites, a common cause of asthma and other allergies. Dust mites are quite common in the bedroom and unfortunately you are unlikely to get rid of them all. However, you can limit the numbers that are found in your mattress by vacuuming frequently with the special upholstery attachment on your vacuum.

Stay Away from the Sides

This is something we do without even thinking about it! We often sit on the side of the bed to put our shoes and socks on, but over time this could be doing a lot of damage to your mattress. Try not to sit in the same spot all the time, or better yet keep to the centre of the mattress when you take a seat. Even better, use a chair!! Also, whilst we’re at it, if you’re children really must bounce up and down, buy them a trampoline – not a brand new mattress!

Give It Some Air!

A good way to prevent your mattress smelling or becoming grimy, is to let it air out a little bit. This is particularly important in the summer months when, let’s face it, we all sweat a little bit more. Throwing back the covers for at least 20 minutes in the morning allows the mattress to air out a little bit, and prevent any nasty smells from starting to spread.

Flip and Rotate

This is perhaps the most important tip. It’s vital that you flip your mattress every 6 months or so. In the past, mattresses needed flipping to ensure that there was an even amount of wear across all the springs. In recent years however, thanks to improvements in materials and technology, fewer mattresses need flipping for this reason. That said, you should still consider rotating your mattress to ensure that it stays fresh and springy. Depending on the size of your mattress, this is likely going to be a two-person job. Don’t try to flip a large mattress on your own as you could end up giving yourself a painful injury, Flipping or rotating a mattress means that you are not continually sleeping on the same part, which helps to improve the lifespan of the product.

These are just a few tips to help you look after your mattress, once you’ve bought it from us. Remember that we sell high-quality mattresses in a variety of styles and materials. To see our range, click here.

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