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Sleeping Habits of Animals

When it comes to sleep, the animal kingdom is full of weird and wonderful surprises! There’s no need for beds, mattresses or Egyptian cotton sheets  – they have other ways of getting some shut-eye!


Did you know that a walrus inflates air pouches in its throat to stay afloat whilst sleeping? Not only that, but to stop them from drifting while sleeping, they hook their enormous tusks into stable ice.


Closer to home, horses can sleep standing up by locking their legs to prevent them falling over. This means they can flee predators quickly if they need to. They only get their REM lying down so will do that for periods short too, usually during the day while one of the herd keeps watch.


It’s a misconception that birds sleep in nests. They actually use the nest for rearing and protecting their young. Once their young have successfully flown the nest, it’s redundant. So where do they actually sleep? Well, a water bird can sleep on the relative safety of the water or on small islands. Others sleep in trees or bushes and have ‘flexor tendons’ which perform the reflex action of ‘clamping’ their claws around the branch they are sleeping on. They can also shut down half their brain when they sleep which literally lets them sleep with one eye open!

Dolphins and Whales

Sea mammals, like dolphins and whales, are also capable of shutting down half their brain to sleep, while the other half continues with functions like swimming and getting to the surface to breathe.


Duration of sleep needed varies enormously between species too, with koala bears spending up to an incredible 22 hours asleep each day. While at the other end of the scale, giraffes and elephants only need a couple of hours.

For us humans, when it comes to getting your beauty sleep each night, the one thing you definitely need for good night’s sleep is the right mattress and a fabulous bedframe.

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If you can’t stand the heat…. 7 ways to have a cool night’s sleep!

Birlea Andorra Fabric Bed in Sky Blue

Summer is coming and with any luck it’ll be a long, hot one. Great during the day, when you can enjoy the best of the weather; planning a day-trip to the beach or hosting a barbeque for your friends and family. We’re talking good times…!

But sometimes it’s not so great at night, when warmer weather can hamper a good night’s sleep. So here at Bedstore UK we have come up with some handy tips: If you can’t stand the heat…. 7 ways to have a cool night’s sleep!

Here in the UK, most of us don’t have home air conditioning and need to rely on lower-tech techniques. So if you’re one of those people who heat up and can’t cool down, why not give these tried and tested tips a go?

1.   Windows

Open a window, preferably 2 to create through-flow, and ensure as much air is circulating around your bedroom as possible. This will keep your bedroom fresh and we all know how a good a cool breeze can feel on a summer’s night.  Let the temperature down even further by hanging a cold, damp sheet in front of an open window – it cools the breeze as it flows through. Don’t forget to air your mattress in the morning to keep it in tiptop condition.

2. Water

Don’t disturb your night by getting out of bed for a cold drink. Make it a habit to keep cold water on the bedside table so it’s always easily to hand. Keeping yourself fully hydrated is important at any time, but during hot weather it is crucial and can really help you gain a restful night’s sleep.

3.   Cold water bottle

If it really has been a scorcher of a day and you’re struggling with the heat why not fill your water bottle with cold water? You can move it to the hottest part of your bed, use it to cool your feet down or even give it a cuddle!

4.   Spritzing

Invest in a plastic water spray and fill it with iced water. On a sweltering night, you can take the heat out the situation with a few deft spurts. Try the inside of your wrists, your face, feet and backs of knees for an instant cooling effect.

5.   Fresh fibres

There really is no substitute for cool, clean, crisp sheets on your bed on a baking hot night. The fresh natural fibres make for a more restful sleep.  Bring the temperature down further and try putting your bed linen in a plastic bag and popping it in the freezer for a couple of hours before making the bed.

6.   Get cold feet

Your feet are full of nerve endings and heat receptors so the cooler they are the cooler you’ll feel all over. Make it a habit to drop off with your feet exposed and even resting on a cold water bottle.

7.   The right bed!

But don’t forget that the real key to the best night’s sleep lies in the comfort of your mattress and bed. All the cool water sprays in the world may not be enough if you’re trying to sleep on a worn out mattress and age-old pillows.

Take a look at our fantastic range of fabric beds to help you get the best night’s sleep ever! 

How To Get The Kids To Sleep This Christmas

getting your child to sleep this Christmas

Christmas is very nearly upon us, along with all the joy and excitement the big day brings. But as every parent knows Christmas is also a time when children’s sleeping patterns can go a bit awry, leaving one tired and cranky child – the last thing you need over the turkey! Read more about how to get the kids to sleep this Christmas…

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