Having a baby is a joyous, awe-inspiring, stressful and frightening experience, so it’s understandable that many women want their partners to be with them every step of the way. That’s why the NHS is proposing to install double beds into pregnancy wards so that partners can remain together before, during and after labour.

NHS Hospitals are contemplating installing double beds into their pregnancy units so that fathers can remain close to their spouses.

The initiative is designed to make prospective fathers more involved with the child birth process and is part of the government’s £25m scheme to improve the state of the maternity sector in NHS Hospitals.

While the birth of newborn is intended to be a momentous event for a couple, it can also prove to be a stressful and anxious period – something which the inclusion of double beds in hospitals could help to diminish.

The health minister, Dr Dan Poulter, explained the government’s proposal. “The period after a baby is born is clearly a very joyous time but it is also a very stressful time – relationships are most likely to break up in the year after a baby.”

He added: “Hospitals need to respond to what women want, and what their families want.

“It might be a bigger birthing pool so that the mum and dad can both get in more easily – or it might be a question of providing double beds, so couples can be together when a premature baby has to stay in hospital.”

The introduction of double beds to hospitals will also help to prevent the affect of post-natal depression on new Mums with a recent study claiming that around one in three women claimed to have had suicidal thoughts after giving birth.

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