Selecting the Right Bedroom Lighting

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Bedrooms are spaces of comfort, tranquillity and sanctuaries where we can relax after a hectic day. Because of this, you need to make sure that the bedroom lighting you choose to illuminate your bedroom creates an atmosphere of relaxation, meaning you get a good night’s sleep.

Interior décor and lighting of bedrooms vary a lot depending on taste and individual needs; however, some items, such as beds, nightstands, and nightstand lamps are common.

When decorating, think carefully because décor should evoke a feeling of calmness and tranquillity.

Beds are an element that creates an atmosphere of warmth and peace; incorporate nightstands – not necessarily matching – of about the same height as the mattress to both provides space for useful accessories and anchor the bed.

Although lighting solutions are endless, it’s important to carefully consider your lighting as it sets up the ambiance. How about applying a multi-layered approach and introduce nightstand lamps? They come in a range of options for shapes, sizes, colours, materials, and finishes to choose from and match the décor.

Table lamps flanking the bed are a smart solution that provides adequate task lighting and complements general illumination; furthermore, they enhance the décor and embellish the space, adding style, elegance, and balance.

Be careful when installing the lamps, remember they should be tall enough to cast light over the shoulder for reading. Note that the amount of emitted light depends on the shade colour, the lighter the shade, the brighter the glow; in addition, a narrow shade brim casts direct light, while a wider brim illuminates a larger area.

Applying dimmers is a smart concept because dimmers are the easiest way to control brightness.

As for the style, the decision depends on the personal taste; however, choose lamps that complement the décor; furthermore, lamp sets provide an opportunity to use matching lighting fixtures and create a harmonious look. Another option is to pick eye-grabbing lamps that become focal points of the space.

Generally, try with bedside tables and lamps in pairs for a clean, balanced look; be creative and add co-ordinating accessories for a touch of charm and luxury to create a stylish, inviting bedroom.